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The Teams

Every team is multi-disciplinary and we are no exception.  We are made of students from the Faculties of Engineering, Science, and Business.

We also represent many different majors!


Mechanical Engineering


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Software and Digital Engineering


Biomedical Engineering


Aerospace Engineering








Computer Science


Data Science






General Commerce




Our electrical team is responsible for

  • the production of power to maintain all capacities of the spacecraft,

  • the safe storage and distribution of power to components as needed, and

  • design of the onboard computer.

Our electrical team uses MATLAB Simulink to model craft rotation, sun positioning, and craft demand. They also work with solar panels, batteries, and basic computers to manage their system and integrate it. Additionally our electrical team works on PCB design to construct our in house computer.


Our structural team is responsible for

  • frame developments,

  • thermal management of the satellite,

  • component layout, and

  • component integration.

While using CAD, ANSYS, and 3D printed models, the structural team works hard to design a body for our satellite that will withstand the stresses of space and launch.


Responsible for all software on the craft, our software team works on

  • processing and storing all data collected from our payloads, and

  • interfacing with bought components that have software.

Working with embedded systems with C, the software team works closely with all other teams, building the brain of the mission.


Our communications team is responsible for

  • receiving commands from earth,

  • sending data to earth, and

  • managing the ground station on earth

The communication system must remain robust as their mission critical work will be used daily.

Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS)
Orbit Determination

ADCS and Orbit work closely together to

  • orient the satellite along 3-axis of motion, and

  • record time and location of the satellite.

Together these teams allow us to control our craft in space to improve the quality of our experimental results.

Systems Engineering

The Systems Engineers focus on

  • balancing project management, stakeholders, and technical requirements, and

  • ensuring all components of the spacecraft work together to accomplish mission objectives.

Together this team allow us to integrate the entire satellite and ensure all systems function to their fullest potential.

Safety Officer

The Safety Officer is responsible for

  • ensuring all team members follow the appropriate workspace safety protocols, and

  • managing the proper handling of all equipment, including high-value components to ensure minimum project time lost due to accidents.

Safety Officer is a new role, and will be critical as the team transitions to in-person work and development speed increases.

Mission Planning and Operations

The Mission Planning and Operations team is responsible for

  • developing all plans for post-deployment operations during the mission lifetime,

  • organizing payload and system sequencing to ensure mission objectives are accomplished on orbit, and

  • managing the operation of the satellite once it is deployed, to when it deorbits.

This team is directly responsible for mission success once the spacecraft is on orbit. They take the completed spacecraft and ensure it can be successful.

Payload Integration

Our experiment team is responsible for

  • the integration of the Mini-Plasma Imager, and

  • the design and construction of the boom and deployer.

Working hard with university professors, graduate students, and partnered labs, the experiment team gets experience in diverse systems.

Media and Outreach

Our media and outreach team works hard to

  • promote our mission and project to the public,

  • maintain a strong social media presence,

  • plan outreach events, and

  • engage Calgary in our launch to space!

The media and outreach team get to interact with industry and like-minded students to share our project and the passion we all show.


Our finance team work to

  • raise the funds needed to complete our mission,

  • plan and negotiate sponsorship deals,

  • ensure the project stays on budget, and

  • manages all team finances.

Both in sponsorship and finance management, the team works to support and fund our mission, allowing the project to move forward.

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