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Follow our social media channels to learn about upcoming public events. Contact us to set up a SatTalk or networking event!

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Our SatTalks are technical, focusing on the in and outs of satellite projects. This is a great opportunity to learn about our satellite and tell us about yours! 



We host a variety of networking events in collaboration with aerospace companies and other student organizations. We’re eager to introduce students to the aerospace industry and to connect them with related opportunities. Connect with us to collaborate on an event!

Past Events

April 2024 - The team hosted an award ceremony to celebrate and appreciate all of the hard work done by individuals across all of our teams.

September 2023 - The team hosted a presentation from the SENAI Institute of Innovation in Embedded Systems. We learned about their CubeSat projects and shared the details of CTS-SAT-1.


March 2023 - The team hosted a Launch Party to celebrate our progress. Liana Dean from DeHavilland joined us to tell us about her experience as a woman in the space industry.

March 2023 - The team collaborated with WISE to host "Women in Space" for the second time.

June 2022 - The team hosted a preliminary design review of CTS-SAT-1 with our team and industry experts. We received valuable feedback that helped us improve on our design.

December 2021 - The team hosted a Space Jeopardy trivia night. Fun fact: Our current President joined the team after winning the trivia night!

May 2021 - The team collaborated with "Ask An Upper Year" to host an "Aerospace at UCalgary" seminar, with guest speakers from the different aerospace clubs at UCalgary.

March 2021 - The team partnered with WISE to host a "Women in Space" panel, for women in the aerospace industry to share their experiences.

January 2021 - The team was joined by NASA Engineer and former OSO Flight Controller for the ISS, Kate Manning, to discuss our progress.

January 2021 - The team hosted an open conceptual design review where we were joined by many professors and industry members in Calgary and across the world.

November 2020 - The team was joined virtually by Canadian astronaut and UCalgary alumnus Dr. Robert Thirsk to share our journey.

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