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This first satellite is the maiden voyage for the team as well as the first UCalgary student-built satellite to be launched in the history of the city. Join us as we work towards launching #CalgaryToSpace.


​The CubeSat body is roughly the size of a loaf of bread, with room for 2 scientific instruments and all of the systems essential for function.

A layout model (left) helps the team determine where each component and system should be mounted.

CTS-SAT-1 Jan 30 2023_edited.png

Mini Plasma Imager

The Mini Plasma Imager is based on the ESA Swarm mission's thermal ion imagers, to investigate upper atmospheric ionized winds.​

A version of this MPI has been flown before on rockets and the current version is being adapted for long-term satellite deployment.

CTS-SAT-1 is host to a mini-plasma imager, built at the University of Calgary by Dr. Johnathan Burchill. It will also serve as a testing bed for a novel deployable boom which will be monitored by a camera.

Deployable Boom

The boom is designed by a PHD candidate at the University of Calgary and will be manufactured by the composite materials lab.

Both payloads are products of the University of Calgary and are a part of our goal to launch our satellite with local scientific payloads.

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